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15655 37th Ave. N. #280
Plymouth, MN 55446
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Cyst & Tumor Removal

We recommend that your see your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams.  Your dentist will do a comprehensive oral exam for you and if they note any soft tissue or bony lesions that they feel need to be examined they will refer you to us for consultation and possible biopsy. 


Dr. Hoffmann will consult with you regarding the lesion/area that your dentist would like us to examine.  He will perform a thorough oral exam and if necessary, schedule you for an appointment to biopsy the affected area. 


Often times the biopsy appointment can be performed with a local anesthetic.   Dr. Hoffmann may need to stitch the area to ensure closure.  We will then send your biopsy specimen to a lab to have it examined by a pathologist.  Dr. Hoffmann will discuss the result with you when we receive them back and follow up with you on any questions you might have.