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Wisdom Teeth

 Wisdom teeth are the four third molars, which are the last teeth to erupt.  They typically begin to appear in the teenage years.  Many patients have wisdom teeth which are “impacted” meaning the tooth is unable to enter the mouth because there is insufficient room.  These teeth can cause problems such as, crowding, damage to adjacent teeth or infection and often your dentist will recommend that you have them extracted to avoid serious potential problems. 

It is often recommended for the wisdom teeth to be extracted when you are younger because the roots of the teeth are not completely formed yet and the bone surrounding the teeth is softer. 

Regardless of the age of the patient, Dr. Hoffmann is skilled at removing these teeth to ensure the dental health of the patient.


Dr. Hoffmann will see you for a consultation appointment where he will perform an oral and radiographic exam.  At that time he will discuss the procedure with you and answer any questions you might have. 


Your surgery will be performed in our operating suites using our state-of-the-art monitoring equipment.  Once your teeth are removed, it is common for the gums to be stitched shut.  These stitches will dissolve on their own anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. 


After your surgery is completed, we will monitor you in our recovery area until you are ready to go home.  At that time, we will review all of the home care instructions with you as well as answer any additional questions you might have regarding your procedure.